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Valencia HS Cheer Tryouts 2020-21

Registration Deadline 04/15/2020

1. Register: Before a student may try out or participate in any athletic activity, this athletic registration must be read, filled out and signed, where appropriate. This form contains pertinent information in regards to the athletic program and the student/parent responsibilities. This form must be filled out for each school year, and is good for all sports. However, when changing from one sport to another within a season or another sports season, the form must be updated. Please check to see that your transportation option is updated when your athlete changes sports

2. Sports Physical: The Physical, which includes a medical doctor's clearance, is required before Summer Sports Camps or participation in any form of athletics, including tryouts. The Physical must be the PYLUSD District Physical form printed on paper and the original must be hand delivered to the Athletic Office, Coach, or Program Director. All Physical information including the Doctor's signature, license number and doctor's office stamp must be an original. No Xerox or faxed copies will be accepted. The student health history must be completed and signed by parent and student. All boxes must be checked. A Physical is good for one calendar year (365 days) from the date noted by the physician on the form.

3. Proof of Health Insurance: A student must have medical and hospital insurance before participating in Athletics, including tryouts. This is required by state law. If the parents have sufficient coverage of their own, they may state this on the declaration form. A copy of the front and back of your insurance card is required as proof of insurance. You can upload the copies to this registration, email it to, hand deliver it to the Athletics Office, or provide a copy to the Coach or program director. The school has available a policy that provides accident protection including medical and hospital costs that satisfies state requirements. PYLUSD has chosen Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co., Inc. Please see their website for more information and to sign up or get a pamphlet from the Finance Office.

4. Purchase of ASB membership for the year of participation is recommended. This is indicated on the student's ID card. Fall sport athletes clearing the previous spring/summer should purchase their ASB at Registration Week in August.

Cheer - March 13, 2020 to April 15, 2020
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