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Timberlake Christian Preschool 2018-2019 Registration

Registration Deadline 06/30/2019
Payment Deadline 01/20/2018


Our goal is to provide an outstanding preschool for our community; to welcome children and families from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds; and to emphasize academics while teaching values such as sharing, respect for others, perseverance, love of self and others, cooperation, and a sense of stewardship of the world.


  • Learning is enhanced when children are actively involved and encouraged to make choices
  • Children learn best in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Children learn and develop at their own rate and in their own style.

The Early Preschool classrooms (ages 2-3; must be 2 by August 31) focus on learning through play. We plan and implement theme-based lessons incorporating introductory academic skill development (listening to stories, exploring sensory materials, using language to express ideas), social skill development (playing cooperatively, following classroom rules), physical development (fine motor and gross motor), and spiritual development (learning about God’s love, Bible stories/principles).  We incorporate a fine balance of teacher-directed, guided learning along with child-directed opportunities to explore the classroom environment and choose learning center activities.  Studies show preschool children learn best through play and TCP students have these opportunities as they explore developmentally appropriate learning centers each day in Early Preschool. 

The Preschool classrooms (ages 3-4; must be 3 by August 31) encourage children to enjoy learning through play and assist with becoming comfortable with a school routine. The focus of learning is centered around developing social skills, fine motor skills (gluing, cutting, lacing, manipulating pencils and art mediums, building, puzzles, etc.), gross motor skills (jumping, throwing sports equipment, climbing, pedaling, running, kicking balls, etc.) letter and number recognition, phonics, written name recognition, sequencing, and spiritual development. Children will participate in group activities that encourage listening to and following instructions, taking responsibility in classroom helper roles (line leader, teacher’s helper, calendar person, etc.), with an emphasis on appropriate manners and respecting peers and teachers. Literature, poems, music, art and caring for the environment are also a part of the many lessons throughout the year. Zoo-Phonics Curriculum is used regularly in the Preschool classrooms as well as TouchMath Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten classrooms (ages 4-5; must be 4 by August 31) are designed to prepare children for kindergarten.  The students work with phonics and phonetic awareness, beginning reader materials, writing skills using Handwriting Without Tears curricula, number concepts such as sequencing, addition and subtraction that are correlated with TouchMath, in addition to continuing to practicing skills learned in the preschool curriculum.  Other experiences may include nutritional education, STEM and science experiments, and learning about God’s love through Bible stories and activities. 

Other Curriculum:

Bible Lessons are taught in the classroom each week and we host a school-wide Chapel once a month. During both Bible and Chapel, kids sing songs, play games and learn a story from the Bible that help them to understand our world, how to treat others and the importance of God’s love.

Soccer Classes are also taught every other week during program hours. Children will learn some techniques, play a few games, build on their large motor skills, and also get their wiggles out.

Spanish Lessons are taught in the classroom each week for all age groups. Children are taught songs, basic words, commands, and as they progress, they will be encouraged to put together simple sentences. 

2018-2019 Preschool Enrollment - September 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
Summer Camp 2018 - June 1, 2018 to August 24, 2018
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