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TI Nspire Parent/Guardian Consent

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Welcome back to another exciting school year! We are excited to have your child enrolled in a Regents Mathematics class as an accelerated student at OMS. For a Regents level class, students will need consistent access to a graphing calculator to complete most work. We use the Ti Nspire CX in school. This year, we are allowing students to check out a Ti Nspire graphing calculator for the year to assist them in both in class and remote learning opportunities. The graphing calculator will be assigned to them for the year, and they will be responsible to bring it back and forth to school. The Ti Nspires are rechargeable, and students will get a charging cable to borrow. Calculators should only need to be charged when they have a yellow battery icon, which is about once per month.

Students will be expected to return this Ti Nspire calculator at the end of the school year. If the calculator is not returned to school, or not returned in working condition, families will be responsible for the replacement cost of the calculator. The replacement cost for the school on a Ti Nspire graphing calculator is $150.

Alternatively, students can have the option to use the Ti Nspire while in school, and use the graphing calculator app called DESMOS outside of school. DESMOS does not have all of the same features, but it does have the basics that students would need to complete work. DESMOS can not be used on Regents exams. Additionally, families are welcome to purchase their own TI Nspire calculator.

If you have any questions, you can contact your child’s Math teacher, administrator, or OMS Subject Area leader, Alicia Pakusch.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Brockport CSD Informational Technology for further information.