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Summer Athletics 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

The following list identifies the necessary information and forms to clear your son/daughter to participate in Columbia River summer athletics and activities including cheer, dance/drill/flag and band for summer leagues, spring football, open gyms/mats, and open weight room. Use this checklist to make sure you have read the required information and completed all necessary forms. Students will not be allowed to participate until all required forms have been completed and submitted to the school business office. 

Students may participate in multiple sports/activities during the summer season including cheer, dance/drill/flag and band. 


¨ Insurance and Activity Fee Information for high school athletes
¨ Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy
¨ Policy 3210
¨ Permission to Participate 
¨ Procedure 2151
¨ Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
¨ Athletic Clearance Information
¨ WIAA Pre-participation History and Physical Examination (must be signed by physician). Physical exams are valid for two years
¨ Certification of Medical/Dental Insurance Coverage
¨ Permission to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics
¨ Authorization for Administration of Medication in Vancouver School District (complete and sign if medication is needed)
¨ AIDS and Hepatitis B information
¨ Safety Guidelines for each sport in which student is participating
¨ WIAA School Eligibility Checklist
¨ Concussion Information Sheet
¨ Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet

Fees: Any fees associated with summer athletics or activities are managed through the school booster club.  Please contact the activity supervisor for a list of any fees associated with participating.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Columbia River High School for further information.