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Summer 2019, Making Comics Workshop for ages 11-14

Registration Deadline 07/29/2019
Payment Deadline 07/29/2019

Making Comics Workshop for ages 11-14

Monday, August 5, 12:30-3:30 pm

Elizabeth Young, Instructor

Learn the basics of developing your own characters and story. You’ll examine examples of narrative art forms, from ancient Egyptian art to manga, then use a variety of shapes and styles to design your characters. You’ll learn how your characters can tell your story, including stories with a hero and a villain and with the hero changing over time. By the end of the workshop you’ll have created your own 4-page illustrated story! $35 for Family-level Museum members; $45 for non-members

DEADLINE for Registration: July 29

About the Instructor: Elizabeth Young is an artist and educator. She has written a comic book about the Egyptian goddess Bastet, which was displayed in an exhibition about comic books at the Boston Children’s Museum. Her presentations have been described as “inspiring, professional, warm, and engaging.” She has a Bachelor’s degree, and works as a museum educator delivering educational programs about different cultures to children. She also speaks conversational Japanese and Spanish.

Summer 2019, Making Comics workshop for ages 11-14 - August 5, 2019 to August 5, 2019
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