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SRHS Parking Permit Application - Fall 2020

Registration Deadline 06/26/2020

South River High School understands that many students wish to drive to school during their Senior year.  However, due to the limited number of student parking spaces available, not all requests can be met.

Parking permits are valid for one semester ONLY.  Students must re-apply each semester.  A fall semester parking permit DOES NOT GUARANTEE  a parking permit for spring semester.

Students who are granted parking privileges will be charged a $15 non-refundable fee per semester.  Payment is required at the time a permit is issued.  Fees go toward parking-related expenses.  

Parking Orientation Participation is required for all applicants for parking privileges.  Currently Parking Orientation consists of reviewing a PowerPoint presentation and then scoring at least 80% on a quiz covering the content of that presentation.  Ms. Jentilet will share the presentation and quiz with applicants.

Students who have an active Learner's Permit may apply for parking privileges - a Maryland Driver's License must be issued within four weeks of a parking permit assignment.  Parking will be rescinded if the student fails to earn a driver's license within the allotted time period.

Students who do not have a vehicle during the application period, but plan to attain one, should apply for parking.  As soon as a vehicle is acquired, the student must submit copies of registration and insurance information.  Student should notify Ms. Jentilet of their situation.

Students who drive and park vehicles on Anne Arundel County Public Schools property are subject to all traffic laws and local school rules.  

Qualifications for Parking:

  • Senior with 18 credits earned toward graduation
  • No outstanding student financial obligations
  • Valid Maryland Driver's License
  • Access to a car on a regular basis
  • Must have participated in the Parking Orientation requirement.

Procedures for Allocation of Parking Permits:  Parking is awarded to Seniors based on the following order of priority:

  • Priority #1: Seniors participating in school-supervised work/internship programs needed to meet graduation requirements
    • Student must provide internship details to the appropriate AACPS Internship Coordinator. Enrollment will be verified by the AACPS Internship Facilitator(Mrs. Catan (STEM) or Mrs. Musgrave), who will, in turn, verify said internship and notify Ms. Jentilet.
    • Proof of Internship/Work Study is Required.
  • Priority #2: Seniors participating in Anne Arundel Community College Early College Access Program (ECAP)
    • Proof of Class Registration is Required.  Applicants will need to submit a copy of their AACC class schedule
    • Registration will be verified by AACC.  Students who drop AACC courses will lose parking privileges.
  • Priority #3: Lottery
    • All remaining parking permits will be allocated via lottery to students who have met the minimum requirements.

**It is important to note: PARKING IS NOT GUARANTEED for students who have a partial schedule, work, sports, extracurricular activities, childcare, etc.  

Parking on School Property is a Privilege, NOT a Right Unauthorized parking at South River High School, the Center for Applied Technology - South (CAT-South), Central Middle School, Central Elementary School, Central Special School, Holy Temple Cathedral, or any satellite sites will result in a towed vehicle at owner's expense and/or other disciplinary action.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact South River High School for further information.