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Spring V/JV/Freshman Interscholastic Sports 2020

Registration Deadline 03/11/2020

We are pleased that your child has expressed an interest in our interscholastic sports program. Please read the following information carefully before you give your permission for him/her to try out.

 1. Academic Standing - Competing in a sport requires a commitment of time and energy. We do not want your child to suffer in his/her studies as a result of playing on a team. If scholastic problems occur, we may insist that the athletic activities stop until they are corrected.

2. Proper Conduct – We assume that our students are capable of handling themselves properly when not under the direct supervision of an adult. Visiting other schools, using locker rooms and meeting late buses are responsibilities that your child will assume. If his/her conduct in school or in sports raises questions about his/her ability to handle this, we may insist that the sport be dropped.

3. Medications – If your child needs to carry an inhalant medication for asthma or an Epi-Pen for bee/insect allergies, a medication permission slip and self-medication slip must be filled out and signed by the doctor and parent for the current school year. This must be on file in the health office before the student is allowed to try out for sports.

4. Injuries – All sports require strenuous activity and some involve a lot of physical contact. We want you to be sure that your child is physically fit to participate. We insist on a physical examination before any participation is allowed. You may have your family physician perform this physical. If so, your physician must complete the attached form. We will have the school physician available for a limited time for sports physicals. It is your child’s responsibility to be aware of the date and time of school sports physicals if you choose not to have the attached form completed by your personal physician.

Should an injury occur, please be aware of the following points.

• Make sure that the injury has been reported to the coach, school athletic trainer and school nurse.

• If medical expenses are involved, the school does carry limited insurance to help you with this. However, you must use your own health insurance first. The school nurse will help you obtain the proper forms.

If your child should have any illness or injury that would limit his/her activity, you must notify the coach, school athletic trainer and school nurse immediately to stop sports and physical education. If he/she is absent for five or more days due to illness or injury, a new physical may be required to continue in sports.  

A Physical Examination is required for participation in the interscholastic athletic program and is subject to approval by the school physician.  Through the Family Id online registration process the option exists to either upload the signed "Sports Physical Certification Form" (preferred) or drop off a hard copy with the nurse.  To upload this document click the blue button that says, "choose file" located in the "Participant Information" section of the registration form below.  The words "Most Recent Physical" are located next to the blue "choose file" button. 

A copy of the "Sports Physical Certification Form" can be found on this page under the "Links" section.

A Physical Examination is required for participation in the interscholastic athletic program and is subject to approval by the school physician.   

  • Physicals are considered current for 12 continuous months and must be within a year from the beginning of the sports season. Should the date of the physical expire during the sports season a new physical is required.
  • Physical exams may be given by the school physician or the student’s family physician with review and approval by the school’s physician. They must include blood pressure reading and urine test for sugar and albumin.
  • The school nurse has sports physical sign-ups several times throughout the year prior to each sports season. The school’s physician will be available at the high school to perform sports physicals during this time.

Prospective athletes also complete ImPACT baseline concussion test.  This test measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning including working memory, attention span, response variability and reaction time.  The exam is administered by the athletic trainer and a member of the coaching staff.  It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete and results in the establishment of a baseline score for each athlete.  The ImPACT program is designed to assist medical professionals in making return-to-play decisions and is never used as the sole tool or diagnostic instrument.  

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Mahopac CSD Athletics for further information.