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Spring Registration 2018

Registration Deadline 06/06/2018
Payment Deadline 06/06/2018

Athletic Department Opportunities, Expectations, Practices and Policies:

Spring athletics will begin on Monday March 15th; Contract Signing Night is Thursday March 15th at 6:00 in the Drury Auditorium.

A. Tryouts:

The DHS Athletic program consists of individual and team sports. It also provides student-athletes with the opportunity to participate in cooperative teams at neighboring schools. Student-Athletes should listen for announcements regarding pre-season meetings where information regarding tryouts, conditioning and criteria for team selection will be announced. Contrary to popular thought, there are no guarantees that athletes will maintain their status from year to year.


Varsity: Varsity teams are instructional and highly competitive. Our head coaches will use a variety of methods in deciding who should participate in game situations as well as the length of their playing time. Perhaps the most emotional part of a student-athlete's involvement in high school athletics centers on playing time. Factors such as attendance, attitude, commitment, individual sacrifice and athletic skill enter into

the decision. Varsity selections are at the discretion of the head coach. Varsity players should demonstrate a high level of commitment, including during holidays and school vacations.


Junior Varsity: JV teams are highly instructional and competitive. Our JV

coaches seek to develop each athlete to his/her fullest potential, hopefully preparing them for varsity competition.Participation in games is mandatory for all junior varsity team members. Exceptions are player‟s safety, illness, injury, not attending school or practice, and/or disciplinary issues. Participation in games allows our JV players to test their skills during competition in the hopes that some, in the future, will be prepared to move to the varsity level.

Every participant must have a physical and physical examination form completed every 13 months in order to be eligible to participate in athletics at Drury. All examination forms should be on file with the Athletic Director and school nurse.

In regards to safety, no coach will permit a player to actively participate in a practice or contest when such participation might reasonably involve higher than normal risk of injury to a player. Once a player visits a physician after an injury, a player will not be permitted to participate until a physician (with note) deems the student eligible to participate without further risk of injury. Players should deliver notes to either the AD or head coach.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Drury High School for further information.