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Spring Athletic Registration 2019-20

Registration Deadline 03/06/2020
Payment Deadline 03/17/2020

OSAA/SHHS Academic eligibility:

Student-athletes must be passing five (5) of seven (7) classes and be on track to graduate.

Beginning of sophomore year student-athletes must have earned 4.5 credits:
Beginning of junior year - 10 credits;
Beginning of senior year - 17 credits.

The administration must clear students before they can participate in athletic programs. The student must complete the following procedures in order to participate in practices and contests:

1. Pay User Fee:  $150 per sport season, $300 maximum per athlete per school year, $600 maximum per family per school year.

A. Students must pay ALL outstanding fees and fines before the bookkeeper can process the current season user fee. Uniforms will not be issued and students will not be able to compete in contests or receive their varsity letter/emblem until all user fees and fines are paid in full.

B. Refunds will only be given to student-athletes for the following reasons:

 Student is cut from team by coaching staff during try out process = Full Refund

 Season ending illness/injury = 50% Refund if illness/injury occurs during first ½ of season.

 NO REFUND will be given if a student quits, is removed from team for disciplinary reasons, or game cancellations due to inclement weather/acts of nature.

2. Physical Examination Record

A. Students must have on file in the athletic office a record of a current physical examination. All current and incoming 9th grade, 11th grade, and first time participants at St Helens High School need a physical examination on file, dated after June 15th. Physical examinations are valid for two years.

B. Students must complete the ImPACT Concussion Test, free of charge, administered by the athletic department.

Equestrian - October 09, 2019 to March 06, 2020
Softball - January 09, 2020 to March 06, 2020
Baseball - January 09, 2020 to March 06, 2020
Track & Field - January 09, 2020 to March 06, 2020
Boys Golf - January 09, 2020 to March 06, 2020
Girls Golf - January 09, 2020 to March 06, 2020
Girls Tennis - January 09, 2020 to March 06, 2020
Boys Tennis - January 09, 2020 to March 06, 2020
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