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Spring Athletic Registration 2017

Registration Deadline 03/10/2017

Please complete the following steps:

1) Registration:

  • A parent/guardian must fill out the FamilyID form completely and hit the submit button to complete the registration.

2) Physical Exam: 

  • Each student athlete must have documentation from a physician that he or she has had a physical exam within the last   thirteen (13) months. Physical exams are no longer valid after thirteen months to the day of the last physical. This information is located at

Even though a physical may be on file with the school, please provide a copy needs to the trainer or uploaded the form to FamilyID (we have added this feature to the registration for your convenience) to ensure all the needed information is on file and your child is allowed to complete

  • Please ensure your child's physical is on file and current
  • Please verify with the Nurses Office

3) Concussions: Baseline Test and State Requirement:  

  • Students who plan to participate in any Athletic Program at North Middlesex Regional School District must complete the required baseline concussion test. This test needs to be completed once each year, not once per season.                         click on the following link for the baseline testing instructions: Impact Baseline Testing Instructions
  • Additionally, a parent/guardian and the athlete need to complete one of the following free online concussion courses each year. During the registration process you are required to sign off that this step was completed.

4) Payment Instructions: 

  • User Fee Payments can be made via personal check, PayPal, or Uni-pay Gold

    • Personal Check
      • Checks are Payable to NM Athletics
      • Please include the students name and sport on the memo 
      • The $10.00 online registration fee does not apply to personal check payments
    • PayPal
      • Payment via PayPal is processed right through FamilyID and can be made at the end of the registration process.
      • A $10.00 online registration fee is applied if payment is made via PayPal
    • Uni-pay Gold 
      • This option is done through the District website
      • Please have your child or yourself inform the coach that payment was made using Uni-pay Gold if this is the method you use
    • Free and Reduced Lunch Program
      • If you have qualified for the free and reduced lunch program the user fee is waived
      • The appropriate option needs to be chosen in order for the fee not to be applied
    • Late Registration Fee
      • A non-refundable $25.00 late fee is applied if a child is registered after the initial registration time frame
      • This fee apples to all registrants (This includes those who are on the free and reduced lunch program)
      • This fee must be paid before the student is allowed to participate in tryout
    • Other
    • Payment needs to be made by the first day of tryouts
    • Checks are held till the rosters are complete 
    • Refunds are given within the first 10 days of the season, the fee is not refundable after the first 10 days.

If you have any questions regarding financial obligations please contact the Athletic Department prior to the start of tryouts..

Thank You 

James Bunnell, CAA, CIC, M. Ed
Director of Athletics
North Middlesex Regional High School
19 Main St. Townsend Ma 01469
978-597-8721 x2440


Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact North Middlesex Regional School District Athletics for further information.