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Registration Deadline 03/13/2020
Payment Deadline 03/13/2020

1. The parents/guardians are responsible for filling out this form completely and ensuring that any and all medical information concerning your child's health, medical concerns, injuries, medications and allergies are reported to the Athletic Department & coaches.

THE PARENT ASSUMES THE RESPONSIBILITY IN CASE OF INJURY. (Natick High School does not insure members of any athletic teams.)

2. As a prerequisite for participation in interscholastic sports, a student is required to submit a doctor's physical examination report. Under state rules, a current physical means it must be dated within THIRTEEN MONTHS of the date of practice or play. If a student's physical has expired and another appointment is scheduled for the near future, that student may continue to participate if the doctor gives written permission for that student to participate until the date of the new physical.

3. A doctor's note allowing a student to return to athletic participation and competition is required for all student athletes who have been out of practice/competition, due to an injury and/or illness that requires a doctor's care.

4.The school will take every precaution for the safety of the student-athletes, but the student athletes must abide by the rules of the sports and not intentionally use techniques which are illegal and which may cause serious injury. All student athletes participate in athletics voluntarily with the permission of their parent(s) or guardian(s).

5. All student athletes should be covered by their own health/accident insurance.

6. Concussion Policy: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services now requires that all schools subject to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) rules adhere to MA General Law Chapter 166. Please see Natick's Approved Concussion Management Guidelines and corresponding courses, forms, and resources at NHS Website/Athletics/Concussion Management.

A free concussion course can be found at:

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Natick Public School Athletics for further information.