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Spring 2020 - Boys Volleyball


In order that we might experience the benefits of a successful season and represent ourselves as we should, it is important that each athlete understands, from the beginning, what is expected. Participation in high school athletics is a privilege. That privilege is subject to regulation and behavior  by Vanden, the various schools and districts of the State of California, and California Interscholastic Federation. Each such representative has been appointed by the school board and acts on behalf of all students in the state.

The Athletic Director will review this Athletic Contract with all athletes/parents at the pre-season sports meeting.


The regulation of high school athletic eligibility is taken seriously by the school administrators, Athletic Director, coaches and athletes. The requirements for eligibility are reviewed by administrators, coaches and athletic directors who are responsible for the athletic programs of our schools. The following requirements are:

1. Athletics shall be an integral part of the total education offered to students and shall be conducted within the framework of the educational program of member schools.

2. Academic performance of student/athletes shall be monitored closely to insure that athletic participation remains secondary to successful classroom experiences.

3. Eligibility to compete shall be monitored by member schools to insure competitive equity among schools.

In order to meet the foregoing objectives, requirements have been set which ALL students must meet in order to participate in athletic competition. Not every student or parent may agree with each requirement. However, the regulations do apply to you! Their sole purpose is to assure that each student/athlete is playing by the same rules and that enforcement of the rules is consistent and uniform among all participants.

The constitution and by-laws of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), the Sac-Joaquin Section, the various leagues' school districts and the school's regulations have set forth eligibility requirements in detail. Copies of each are available at the high school for thorough examination.

If any of the foregoing is not completely understood, please contact the high school for further information Matthew Bidou, Athletic Director can be reached at or call (707)366-0988

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Vanden Athletic Department for further information.