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Spring 2020 Athletic Registration

Registration Deadline 03/13/2020

Requirements for Participation:

Academic Eligibility:

Students must be in good standing academically (which means they have not failed any classes the previous marking period) in order to participate.

Attendance Policy – Students must be present for 75% of the day to be eligible to participate in any activity at Matignon. Students who are absent on a Friday, are ineligible to participate in any activity over that weekend. Students who are absent on the Friday before a vacation, are ineligible to participate in any activity over that vacation.

Students may not attend an athletic event, if they are absent the day of the event. If they are absent on a Friday, they may attend, but not participate in an athletic event over the weekend, or a vacation. There are cases where the principal or athletic director can give a student an excused absence. Ex. Family emergency, funeral, college visit

Updated Physicals:

Each student must have an up-to-date physical on file in the Nurse's Office. The date of the physical must be within thirteen months of the start of the current sport season.. It is recommended that each student bring in a copy of their updated physical to the Nurse's Office on or before the first day of tryouts each season. Your child's doctor's office may fax a copy to the Nurse at 617-661-3905.

Impact Testing:

Each potential student-athlete, if they have not done so already, must take the Concussion Impact Baseline Test. The Athletic Office will conduct the tests during try-outs.

User Fee:

Matignon High School does not charge a user fee. 

Transfer Students:

If a student is new to Matignon High School, and is not an incoming freshman they are considered a transfer by the MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association). If a transfer student wishes to participate in athletics, they must see the Athletic Director in the Athletic Office as soon as possible.

International Students:

Any International Students wishing to participate in athletics must see the athletic director in the Athletic Office at the start of each new school-year.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Matignon High School Athletics for further information.