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Registration Deadline 02/18/2019
Payment Deadline 02/19/2019

If you have previously used FamilyID to register your student-athlete but have opted to create a 2nd account you are strongly urged not too, but instead try to recover your username and passwords.  The reason is that medical information, including physical information and reminders reside in the original account.

Parents should be registering and NOT the student-athlete.

The following 2019 Spring Interscholastic Athletic programs are offered at Bellingham High School:  Please note that sub-varsity programs are subject to enrollment.  Fees increase by $50 after Monday, February 18th.  Registration will close at midnight on March 3rd and remain closed for up to one week to allow for the creation of team lists, trainer review and payment review.  If trying to register after March 4th please contact the Athletic Director.  You will be subject to a $25 late fee and will be notified when FamilyID will be reopened to facilitate late registrations.  

  • BASEBALL - Boys (V, JV & Freshman subject to #'s)
  • LACROSSE - Boys from Bellingham H.S. (V & JV)
  • LACROSSE - Boys from Millis H.S. (V & JV)
    • note - not eligible for free and reduced lunch rates
    • note - not eligible for 3 sport discount or early registration fee
    • note - check for $250 payable to BHS Athletic Department
  • LACROSSE - Girls (JV only)   Due to projected numbers and lack of significant upper classmen, the TVL was notified that we would not schedule a Varsity program to facilitate the growth of the girls under a JV schedule
  • LACROSSE - Girls from Millis H.S. (JV)
    • note - not eligible for free and reduced lunch rates
    • note - not eligible for 3 sport discount or early registration fee
    • note - check for $250 payable to BHS Athletic Department
  • SOFTBALL - Girls (V, JV subject to #'s)
  • TRACK & FIELD - Boys
  • TRACK & FIELD - Girls
  • VOLLEYBALL - Boys (Varsity only)
  • WEIGHT ROOM - in season access, subject to adult supervision between 2:30 and 5:30 pm
    • Effective September 2017, individuals wishing to use the Weight Room but NOT on an in-season team are required to register. 
    • Note: Access subject to availability of adult supervision

The following 2018 Spring Interscholastic Athletic programs are offered for Bellingham Middle School (grade 7 only)

  • GOLF - Instructional only 
    • Range play only 1 to 2 days per week subject to weather; anticipating Monday and Wednesday
    • 10 sessions total are planned over an 8 week period - April & May excluding April Vacation
    • after school transportation to NECC not available; to be provided by families


1. Fill out, sign and submit the following forms
2. Submit hard copy Physical (if not submitted previously) or scan and attach 
3. Submit Payment prior to noted deadline to lock-in registration fee

          As noted at the FALL/WINTER/SPRING SPORTS REGISTRATION NIGHTS held JUNE 15th and OCTOBER 3rd respectively, the Bellingham School Committee voted to modify existing user fees as follows:

    • Payment options include:
      • credit/debit cards processed via UNIPAY GOLD
      • Mail payment to BHS Athletic Dept. 60 Blackstone Street, Bellingham MA 02019
      • Hand-deliver payment to Athletic Director's office OR leave in Main Office
      • Cash (hand-delivery only - not preferred) 
  • FEES increase to $250 for HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS after February 18.
    • A $25 late fee is applied (subject to timing and availability) AFTER registration closes/closed March erd
    • Registration closes TWO WEEKS prior to MIAA approved start date 
  • Three-season (FALL/WINTER/SPRING) athletes earn a $50 discount for their spring sports season
  • If you are now on (or wish to apply for) free or reduced lunch please visit the Bellingham Public School web page for information to update your account or to apply.  Food service must confirm your eligibility to be able to receive reduced athletic fees.  The selection of free or reduce authorizes the athletic department to verify your account status.

Any questions, please contact Athletic Director, Michael Connor, at (508) 966-4283 or

Millis students interested in Lacrosse coop should contact Mr. Grant at Millis High School as well as registering on FamilyID.  Millis USER FEES are $250 payable by check only to BHS Athletics

Physicals are valid for 13 months and as such any participant with a physical issued prior to April 2018 must schedule and complete a new physical with their doctor.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact BELLINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL & MEMORIAL SCHOOL - ATHLETICS for further information.