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Spring 2018 Athletics Registration

We value athletics as an important life experience for all participants at BC High, teaching and stressing teamwork, respect, hard work, and humility. The BC High Athletic department believes these 4 core values are what define the coach and student-athlete. Our coaches are teachers in every sense of the term, with emphasis on how the student-athlete develops in a particular sport.

Give Your All

We regard the playing field as an extension of the classroom. The exceptionally dedicated men and women of our coaching staff serve as outstanding role models, helping their players grow as athletes and as men. Whether they're giving their all on the ice, the court, the field, or the track, our students compete with grit, dignity, and integrity. Athletics provide an unmatched testing ground for building students' skill, mental fortitude, and sportsmanship. As they come together in victory (or in defeat), our athletes form bonds of friendship that endure long after graduation.

Physical Examination Requirement

For a student athlete to remain eligible to participate in a sport, a physical exam must be submitted  which is dated within 13 months of playing for tryouts and the entire season.  The physical form from your son's primary care provider must be on file with Family ID.  Please upload your son's exam by the 13 month date.  

The MIAA regulations regarding physical exams are:

  • All students must pass a physical examination prior to participation in High School Athletics. A physical exam covers the student for 13 months from the exam date. A student’s eligibility will terminate once a physical has reached the 13 month limit. Physical examinations must be performed by a duly registered Licensed Physician, Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Boston College High School for further information.