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South Middle School 2020 Summer Running and Conditioning

Registration Deadline 06/14/2020


All students participating in Athletics for Summer 2020 are required to be signed up on Family ID prior to the first day of practice. Our school policy is to have all emergency contact, medical consent and proof of insurance information on file prior to participation. Students who are not registered with Family ID may not participate until it's completed. This is required for the safety of our student athletes.

Students will need a physical.  Please use this form.

A physical is valid for two years.

All 6th graders will need to have a physical done.

Any 7th or 8th grader that is participating in a sport for the first time at South Middle School will need to have a physical done.

8th graders who participated in a sport as a 6th grader will need to have a new physical done.

All physical exams need to be done prior to the sports season and not before May 1st of the previous year. The form for the physical needs to be submitted to the office prior to participation.

Summer Running and Conditioning - July 07, 2020 to August 14, 2020
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