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Dear Parent/ Guardian:

In 2017-18 South Lewis CSD began a 1:1 Technology Device Initiative.  All students in grades UPK-3 were assigned an I-pad and all students in grades 4-12 were provided with a Chromebook (laptop). While many of our younger grades keep their devices in school, we do allow for many of our older students in middle and high school to carry their devices throughout the day and bring them home as their own. 

These devices are critical and important to the educational program provided to our students.  These devices are used extensively and have become a normal and typical school supply much like other traditional items like pencils, paper and textbooks.  As such, we have established Guidelines/Expectations that all students are to follow.  These Guidelines/Expectations include the proper care and treatment of these devices.  Just as a student has always been responsible for costs associated with the mistreatment, damage, or loss of items assigned to them by the school (textbooks, sports uniforms, lab equipment, library books, etc…), they will also be held accountable for the electronic devices assigned to them.  Please see the information below:


  • Students who are allowed to bring their Chromebook home will be issued a charger with their Chromebook and must ensure devices are brought to school each day charged and ready for use.
  • If a device, which includes the charger, is lost, stolen, or broken/damaged, then a student will be issued a 2nd device for use while the repair is being made.  However, they will be charged the repair or replacement cost of the device for each incident.  These costs could range from $15-20 for minor repairs to $300 for full replacement.  If a unique situation resulted in the lost, stolen or broken/damaged device, the District has the right to modify this policy after a review of the incident.
  • If the second device is lost, stolen, or broken/damaged then the student will be issued a 3rd device, to be used only in school under staff supervision, until all repair or replacement costs have been paid.
  • Intentional or blatant damage and misuse of a device will be addressed differently with not only payment required, but also possible disciplinary and/or legal action.

Please be aware that there are internet tracking capabilities on all devices, whether at school or home.  The District has the ability to track and monitor all searches.  Additionally, there is internet filtering enabled on all devices whether used at school or at home. 

1:1 TECHNOLOGY DEVICE - GUIDELINES AND EXPECTATIONS - September 05, 2019 to June 26, 2020
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