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SocialSklz (Grades 4-6) - May 23, 2018

Registration Deadline 05/18/2018
Payment Deadline 05/18/2018

In today's fast-paced world, the ways in which we interact are constantly evolving. While new technology has enhanced our lives in many ways, the art of face-to-face interaction remains crucial to success. socialsklz:-) equips children with the vital tools needed to succeed on the playground, in the classroom and ultimately at the workplace. Through this fun, interactive workshop, socialsklz:-) teaches lessons including greetings and introductions, making a good first impression, starting conversations, patience and thoughtfulness, self-control, respect and consideration, dining and phone skills. The skills mastered are not only empowering, but build confidence and self-esteem, paving the way to a more fruitful life. The program has been widely touted and featured extensively in the media.

In this two hour  workshop, tweenz  learn social and communication skills in-person and on the phone. Tweenz will gain valuable life skills, such as shaking hands with confidence, making phone calls and engaging others in conversation. The workshop includes a hands-on dining event.

Cost: $87.00

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Westborough Community Education Programs for further information.