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Service Club: Building a Compassionate Community - P3 - LE2

Registration Deadline 10/02/2019
Payment Deadline 11/01/2019

This session of OSMS's Service Club is open to students in Primary 3 (kindergarten), Lower Elementary 1 (first grade) and Lower Elementary 2 (second grade). 

Service Club meets on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00pm for three weeks, starting 10/3 through 10/17/2019. Each week of this session will focus on a different basic human need (food, shelter, love, etc.). Each session will begin with a brief guided lesson designed to help students access the power of their own care and compassion and learn how to translate moments when they were the recipient of care into a path toward caring for others. Students will then participate in a different service project each session. All projects will address situations where other human beings' basic needs are not being met (hunger, homelessness, isolation, etc.) and empower our students to help. 

As Maria Montessori observed the children in her schools, she noticed that at about age six the child’s focus changes from the world inside them to the world around them. Each day at OSMS we see this in our Primary 3 and Elementary students; they are filled with questions about fairness and justice. Our reaction as educators is to follow Montessori’s suggestion “give them the world.” Our world is a blue orb of beauty and plenty, but also of pain and need. Learning about the lives of suffering people always brings up questions like, “why does this happen?” and “what can I do?”  Unfortunately, there is only so much of the world that fits into the classroom door.  Instead, we are going out.  A child learns by doing, Our faculty has designed and organized this unique opportunity to learn to serve in a Montessori way!  


Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Ocean State Montessori School for further information.