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School #5 Fall 2020/21 Modified (7th & 8th Grade) Athletics

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Welcome to School #5 sports registration. Please be sure that you are completing the sports form for the school which your child attends. No matter where the team is hosted your student's building nurse must approve the student for sports.  

For your student to be cleared to play, you must:

1) Complete FamilyID Form which includes important health information reviewed by the Nurses office prior to each season as well as mandatory policies and agreements. 

2) Provide a Current Physical: Either upload a current image of physical to the FamilyID sports registration form or bring a copy to the school nurses office. Physicals expire 12 months after the date of health exam. No athlete will be permitted to play or tryout with an expired physical. 

Failure to complete the process in a timely manner may delay or prevent your student's participation in athletics. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the school nurse or athletic coordinators at your student's school.

Modified Girls Volleyball - September 09, 2020 to October 09, 2020
Modified Boys Soccer - September 09, 2020 to October 09, 2020
Modified Football @ NW Douglass - September 02, 2020 to October 09, 2020
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