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SAMPLE: BCS Mobile Device Program

Dear Student and Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Congratulations! You have been issued a Berkeley County Public Schools mobile device. The mobile device is

an important part of your school’s curriculum and will be used in school to support your learning. The device can

be taken home once you and your parent/guardian read and agree to the terms listed on this form. If you and

your parent/guardian do not agree, you will just use the device in school. School building administrators reserve

the right to deny permission to take the device home at any time.

 Students will abide by the Educational Purpose and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, Technologies

and the Internet (Policy WVBE Policy 2460) and the Acceptable Use of Technology and Networks found in

the Berkeley County Student Handbook.

● Students acknowledge that any issued device is the property of Berkeley County Public Schools.

○ The device is to be used for instructional purposes. It must be returned to Berkeley County Public

Schools when a student withdraws from the school system, at the end of the school year, or

immediately upon a request from a school division official.

● Students will make available for inspection by any school administrator or teacher any messages or files

sent or received on their BCS issued device.

● Students will report to school personnel any incidents of inappropriate communications transmitted in any

form using BCS -owned technology.

● Students agree to transport the issued device in the case provided by Berkeley County Public Schools

when a case is provided.

● Students will not deface the device or the case.

● Students will bring their issued device fully charged to school each day.

● Students will adhere to these terms each time the device is used, including when it is not on school


Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Devices:

 There will be no fee for the first accidental damage to the mobile device. A letter may be sent to the

parent/guardian if deemed necessary. Repeated accidental damage to a device will result in fees for the

cost of repairs and parts.

● Repair to an intentionally damaged device will be charged at the actual cost of repair including parts and



● Devices intentionally damaged beyond repair will be treated as a lost device.

Note: The school administrator will determine if the device has been intentionally damaged.

● Replacement cost will be charged for a lost or stolen device.

• A fee of $19 will be charged for lost, stolen, or damaged AC adapters and $19 for lost, stolen, or

damaged lightning cables. Students must have and use a county issued AC adapter.

• A fee of $50 will be charged for lost, stolen or damaged carrying cases, when provided.

• Students with unpaid device fees may not be allowed to attend other school activities until fees are paid.

● Parents should notify law enforcement when an issued device is lost or stolen outside of school. A copy

of an official report should be provided to the school administration. A student or parent/guardian must

pay the replacement cost for a new mobile device before being issued a replacement. The student will

be provided with a loaner to be used only on school property. Refunds will be granted for devices found

and returned.

● If the device is reported lost or stolen, the device will be locked down and will be unusable.

1:1 Device Registration - August 28, 2019 to June 03, 2020
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