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Salem Academy Summer 2018 Conditioning Program

Registration Deadline 08/03/2018
Payment Deadline 08/03/2018

Summer Conditioning Program

As Salem Academy athletics head into the 2018-2019 school year all male and female student athletes should be looking to try and take the next step to get themselves ahead of the rest of their competition in the MCSAO. In order to help bring this to fruition all coaches have helped put together a summer conditioning program run by Coach Bryan Lee. Coach Lee has extensive knowledge in strength and conditioning and will be offer programs throughout the summer for male and female athletes.

Stronger. Faster. Better. This summer there will be a two-week strength and conditioning program for all student-athletes in order to help prepare for each athlete's respective sport. This program will be designed to help all student-athletes improve their strength, speed, and skill in their sport. Each day the athlete's will be expected and required to bring maximum effort to the facility. Through each training session athletes will be working to perfect their weight training form, running form, improve explosiveness, and strengthen athletic movements. These improvements and gains will directly translate to each athletes sport and help strengthen their skill set. Commitment to this program WILL benefit each student athlete.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Salem Academy Athletics for further information.