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Richmond Community Schools Volunteer Registration; 2020/2021


Volunteers are a vital part of the successful operation of our school system. Without volunteers, many of the school, classroom, and extracurricular activities could not exist or even happen. We thank all of those individuals who have and continue to devote their time and energy to making our schools a better place by volunteering their time.

In an effort to insure security for our children, we are requiring that a “Volunteer Release Form” be completed for all volunteers for specific activities (i.e. coaches, chaperones on field trips, chaperones at dances, room mothers, lunchroom, parties, etc.).  For these activities, the district will conduct an Internet background check through the Michigan State Police. All information received will be kept confidential in the Superintendent’s office.

Who needs to complete a Volunteer Release Form (ICHAT)?

Will the volunteer have SUPERVISED Access to Students?

  • Example: Classroom Party, Room Parent, etc.
  • ICHAT Required: NO

Will the volunteer have ANTICIPATED UNSUPERVISED Access to Students?

  • Example: Field Trip Chaperones, Small Groups, etc.
  • ICHAT Required: YES

Will the volunteer have UNSUPERVISED Access to Students?

  • Example: Coaches, Assistant Coaches, etc.
  • ICHAT Required: YES

ICHAT check shall be run before each event the volunteer participates in and must be received one (1) calendar week prior to the event. Schedule B Scholastic and Athletic volunteers ICHAT Checks shall be run at the beginning of each season.

Volunteer Driver - August 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021
Volunteer Coach - August 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021
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