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Registration for GNCC Spring Session 2021 (April-June)

Registration Deadline 04/28/2021
Payment Deadline 04/28/2021

Registration for the Jr's program (gr 2-3) does not require an audition. Registration for the GNCC (gr 4-8) and GNCC SRS (gr 9-12) is for current and past members and those who have completed the audition process.  Please do not register if you have not auditioned. If you would like scholarship assistance please email us at  (NOTE:  AUDITIONS ARE WAIVED FOR SPRING 2021)

GNCC JR's grades 2-3 Spring 2021 (Apr-Jun) - April 06, 2021 to June 08, 2021
Tuesdays 4:30-5:00
GNCC grades 4-8 Spring 2021 (Apr-Jun) - March 30, 2021 to June 08, 2021
Tuesdays 4:00-4:45
GNCC SR's grades 9-12 Spring 2021 (Apr-Jun) - April 04, 2021 to June 13, 2021
Sundays 7:00-8:00pm
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