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Powder Puff Registration 2019

Registration Deadline 10/25/2019
Payment Deadline 10/25/2019
  1. Before a student-athlete is cleared to participate in Powder Puff, they MUST do the following:
    1. Complete and Submit the below MHS Registration
    2. For your convenience you can upload or drop off at Ms. Bouchard's office a current doctor's physical dated ON/AFTER 7/16/2018 (no exceptions)
    3. Submit the annual User Fee Payment via online payment at the end of this registration by going to

*All registrations must be complete before participating.

Marblehead Public School User-Activity Fee Rates for year 2019-2020 High School extracurricular activities with a paid coach OR advisor.

  • Interscholastic sports and Fine Arts productions $460/year
  • Clubs that meet weekly $282/year
  • Clubs that meet 1-2 times per month $141/year
  • *Flag Football/Senior Girls $63
  • *This fee is for any girl not participating in athletics or Fine Arts.
  • Family maximum payment is $607.


  1. Apply for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program in the Assistant Principal's Office. The student does not need to have the free/reduced lunch. The family income is the deciding factor for the waiver eligibility. This is confidential information.
  2. Apply for a partial payment schedule in the Athletic Office. Payment dates will be arranged. This is confidential information.
  3. Direct a written request for a waiver to the Athletic Director citing reasons for your request. All such requests will be confidential. You will be notified of the waiver of your fee.
Powder Puff Football - November 23, 2019 to November 23, 2019
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