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Powder Puff Football 2018

Registration Deadline 05/15/2018

What an Athlete Needs to be Eligible:

* Only a Parent or Guardian can register an athlete.

•Complete Physical Exam Form (required once every two years).

•Complete FamilyID Registration Form. Includes Inherent Risk Form (required each sports season) and Athletic and Activities Code (required once each school year*) *full code can be found in student handbook beginning on page 4.


Powder Puff game follows the general guidelines of flag football:

·        Flag football is designed to be a game of skill, speed, ability and cunning.

·        It is not meant to be a physical, pushing and pounding game.

·        It is of utmost importance that sportsmanship and fair play be exercised at all times by all involved.

·        All players who are members of a team are expected to play.

All athletes must be registered on FAMILYID by May 25th.


●       8 per team (6 starters, 2 bench)

●       One Staff Advisor will serve as the Head Coach and up to 4 assistant coaches (Football players will act as Assistant Coaches)

●       Teachers will be assigned as referees for the event (4)

●       2 Senior Teams, 1 for each Junior and Sophomore

●       4 team bracket (Senior 1-Sophomore & Senior 2-Junior)


●       No tackling/shoving/striking (If so a penalty will be enforced where the violation occurred)

●       Multiple rules violations can result in player ejection from the contest

●       No blocking

●       There will be two 8 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time (Running clock)

●       Each new possession will start at the 45 yard line.

●       No kicking/punting

●       Each team gets ONE run each offensive drive

●       Quarterbacks will have 8.0 seconds to throw the ball (If not met, loss of downs)

●       4 downs per each first down

●       Ball is placed upon flag removal

●       Teams will consist of 4 receivers, 1 running back, and 1 QB (Offense)

●       6 players on Defense

●       QB must throw the ball to another player forward or backward

●       Touchdown worth 6 points (extra point is from the 3-yd line and 2 point is from the 10-yd line)

NOTE: All student athletes must purchase ASB card ($40) and have all fees and fines paid BEFORE being cleared to participate in all Fife High School athletics.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Fife High School for further information.