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Poland Central School District Summer School 2018-2019

Registration Deadline 07/27/2018

Dear Parents:

It is a pleasure to welcome you and your son/daughter to the H-F-H-0 BOCES 2018 Regional Summer School.   We will be housed at Little Falls Jr. Sr. High School (1 High School Road, Little Falls, NY).  The summer session is an extremely short six weeks. Our staff has much to cover quickly and thoroughly.  To accomplish this task we need your cooperation and that of the students.  We ask you to help us succeed in our mission by assisting with the following tasks:

First, all students and parents must follow the drop off and parking procedures that have been set up.  This is extremely important so that arrival will be efficient and buses will be able to pick up and drop off in an uncongested area safely. Student parking areas have been set-up so that they will not have to compete with school buses or student drop off and pick up.

In case of emergency or other needs in which we must communicate with students and families, we need to have transportation information on file.  Students who are not walking or riding the bus need to complete the drive/ride forms, and carry the registration card that will be issued to them.

Second, daily attendance at summer school is required.  Any student missing three sessions of a course will be automatically dropped from that course.  Students taking Health, Economics or Government must maintain perfect attendance.  There will be  NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.  Unfortunately, there are no excused absences during the summer such as illness, previously scheduled vacations, sporting events, camps, court appearances, doctor's appointments or hospitalizations.  Students are expected to be in class no less than 21 out of 23 required class sessions.

All students are to report to Summer School by 7:15 am on July 10th for the first day orientation.  Please explain the crucial nature of this attendance requirement and please review the attendance policy in the student brochure regarding tardiness with your student.  Students should report to Summer School by 7:20 am each day to be in class for the first session at 7:30 am.

Third, I have high expectations for student conduct.  COURTESY is the name of the game!  For specifics, please review the entire student behavior guide (below) with your son/daughter.  Again, due to the short time period and the extensive curriculum requirements, staff will not tolerate any misconduct.  Severe or repetitive misconduct will result in the removal of the student from the summer school program.

Fourth, students will be expected to fulfill all requirements as directed by the teacher. This includes prompt, regular attendance, class work and homework.  Please see to it that your son or daughter completes all requirements so that at the end of the summer session, positive grades will be issued.  Extra academic help (homework, study skills, material review, etc.) is available as requested in the main office.

The staff will issue progress reports weekly so that you can stay as current as possible with student successes and deficiencies.

Finally, I will work hard to insure the success of all students in our summer school program.  Please call me if I can be of any help, as we mutually work toward student success.

The summer school phone number is 315-867-2072.  Someone will be available to take your calls between 7:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Thank you for your attention in reviewing the important matters listed above.  Again, please call me if I can be of further assistance.

Mark Rauch
Regional Summer School Principal 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Poland Central School District for further information.