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Pleasantville Tech4All Tech User Policy and Self-Insurance Program (2019-2020)

Registration Deadline 09/27/2019
Payment Deadline 09/27/2019

Pleasantville Union Free School District provides families with an insurance plan for your district-issued 1:1 device (Grades 5, 6, 9, and 10). Help us keep premiums to a minimum by taking very good care of the laptop. Read the following policy documents to better understand your family’s rights and responsibilities, as well as what is covered by the plan.

Insurance Premiums (2019-2020)

  • Families of students in Grades 5 and 9 (Year 1): Payment for the premium must be made out to Pleasantville UFSD Treasurer by check in the amount of $39.
  • Families of students in Grades 6 and 10 (Year 2): Payment for the premium must be made out to Pleasantville UFSD Treasurer by check in the amount of $29.

Where to drop the check

  • High School students (Grades 9 and 10) must deliver the insurance plan check to Meta Lau in the High School main office
  • Middle School students (Grades 5 and 6) must deliver the insurance plan check to Lisa Salzano in Middle School the main office


  • All payments must be received by Friday, September 27, 2019.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Pleasantville UFSD High School and Middle School for further information.