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Permission Form - Music Program Seacoast Choral Festival 10/22/19

Registration Deadline 10/22/2019
Payment Deadline 10/22/2019

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 22

  • All students will depart from STA at 2:50 for Spaulding HS.
  • Students that drive to school have permission to drive over to Spaulding but cannot take other students with them. 
  • The concert begins at 7:00. Parents, if you are planning on attending, I recommend getting there early for a seat. In years past it has been extremely crowded. 
  • Pick-up is at Spaulding HS immediately following the concert. If you are not attending the concert, plan on arriving at Spaulding at 8:30 for pick up. Please be aware that 8:30 is an estimate for the end time. It varies every year. 
My child will take the BUS - October 22, 2019 to October 22, 2019
My child will drive to Spaulding HS - October 22, 2019 to October 22, 2019
My child has a game and I will drive to Spaulding as soon as game ends - October 22, 2019 to October 22, 2019
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