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North Platte High School Athletics Registration 2019-2020

The activity program of North Platte High School is a vital part of the educational system and is a great tradition.  Our tradition has been to participate in such a way that honor comes to our students, our school and our community.  Such a tradition is worthy of the best efforts of all concerned.  Participating in school athletics/activities is considered an extension of, but separate from, the regular school program. While the regular curricular program is a right afforded to each student, participation in the extracurricular program is a privilege and as such carries with it certain expectations beyond those found in normal classroom situation.


In order to represent a high school in interscholastic activity competition a student must abide by eligibility rules of the Nebraska School Activities Association. The following is a summary of these rules:

1. Student must be a bonafide student of their member school and have not graduated from any high school.

2. After a student’s initial enrollment in grade nine, he/she shall be ineligible after eight semesters of school membership beginning with his/her enrollment in grade nine.

3. Student must be continually enrolled in at least 20 credit hours per semester and regular in attendance, in accordance with the school’s attendance policy at the school he/she wishes to represent in interscholastic competition.

4. Student must be enrolled in some high school on or before the 11th day of the current semester.

5. Student is ineligible if 19 years of age before August 1st of current school year (age 21 for Unified Sports athletes).

6. Student is ineligible if he/she has attended a four year high school more than 8 semesters.

7. Student must have been enrolled and received 20 credit hours of credit in school the immediate preceding semester.

8. Student shall not compete in any athletic contest during the season of the sport involved either as an individual or a member of a team unless he/she is representing his or her school.

9. A student shall not participate on an all-star team while a high school undergraduate.

10.  If a change in domicile by the parents occurs during a school year, the student may remain at the school he/she is attending and be eligible until the end of the school year or transfer to a high school located in the school district where the parents established their domicile and be eligible.

11.  If the domicile changed during the summer months and the student is in grade twelve and the student has attended thehigh school for two or more years, the student may remain at the high school he/she has been attending and retaineligibility.

12. If a student elects to remain at the high school where he/she initially enrolled after being promoted from grade eight of a middle or junior high school, or grade nine of a junior high school, he/she is eligible at that school, or is eligible at a highschool located within the school district in which the parents established their domicile.

13. If the legal parents of a student change their domicile from one school district that has a high school to another school district that has a high school, the student shall be eligible in the school district where their parents established their domicile.

14. Once the season of a sport begins, a student shall participate in practices and compete only in athletic contests/meets in  that sport, which are scheduled by his/her school.  Any other competition will render the student ineligible for a portion of, or all of, the season in the sport.  The school season of a sport begins on the first date of practice as permitted by NSAA rules.

15. Nebraska transfer students whose name appears on the NSAA transfer list prior to May 1 shall be eligible immediately in the fall.  Those students whose name does NOT appear on the NSAA transfer list prior to May 1 shall be ineligible for ninety school days, which such transfers being subject to hardship waiver guidelines.

16. A student shall not participate in a contest under an assumed name.

17. A student must maintain his/her amateur status.

If you do not understand after reading the rules listed above or you need an explanation of other requirements, consult the high school principal or athletic director.


Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact North Platte High School Athletics Registration 2019-2020 for further information.