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North Allegheny Athletics - 2019 Spring Sports Registration Site (7th through 12th Grade)

Registration Deadline 02/22/2019
Payment Deadline 02/22/2019

Welcome to the North Allegheny 2019 Spring sports registration site. You are signing your child up to participate in a spring sport at North Allegheny for the 2019 season (starting Monday, March 4). 

All registration requirements must be met by Friday, February 22 in order to be eligible to tryout for a Spring sport on Monday, March 4. 

****Please note that if your son or daughter played or tried out for a Fall and/or Winter sport, we will have their Physical and ImPact Test on file. You do NOT need to provide this documentation to our office again****

There are (4) requirements that must be completed by Friday, February 22 in order for a student to try out for a spring sport.

1.    The on-line registration done here on Family ID must be completed. If this is your first time registering, please click on the “Create Account” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Please complete the required information to set up your account. Please remember the username and password that you select as this information will be needed for future sports registrations with North Allegheny. If you have already set up an account, please click on “Login” in the upper right hand corner and enter your username and password that you previously set up with prior registrations.

2.    The physician’s form (Section 6) must be completed and submitted with your registration. If you already submitted a physical form to the Athletic Office this school year either online or got us a physical copy, there is no need to re-submit to our office again.  All physicals not previously provided to our office must be submitted by Friday, February 22. The date next to the doctor’s signature must be June 1, 2018 or later. Please note that turning your childs’ physical into the nurse’s office does not fulfill this requirement. Schools do not share health information between other schools/departments. You can upload the physical to your child’s Family ID registration at any time, you can email the physical to, drop off the physical to the athletic office at NASH, or mail a copy to NA Athletics, 10375 Perry Highway, Wexford, PA 15090.

3.    Baseline Concussion (ImPACT) Testing – Please reference the separate document containing the baseline concussion information for dates and times. All testing takes place at the senior high school (rooms #244 - #246).  If you are unable to attend any of these free sessions, you will need to have your test done at the UPMC Concussion Clinic (Cranberry & South Side locations). We do not accept baseline tests from Pediatrician offices, only outside tests performed at the UPMC Concussion Clinics. If this is your first time registering for a sport this year and your child has taken their test at the UPMC Concussion Clinic, you will need to provide our office with a copy of the ImPACT report or the Passport ID number so that we can transfer your child’s results to our database. We will not be able to see that your son/daughter had the test if it was taken outside of North Allegheny. Our database only gives our UPMC trainers the ability to view and access baseline tests that were done here at NASH. We can transfer results into the database with the Passport ID information that you will need to provide to us. No registration is necessary for taking the test at North Allegheny and the test takes about forty to forty-five minutes.  ALL students currently in 7th, 9th or 11th grade who have not already taken a test this year MUST take a baseline test. Any students currently in 8th, 10th or 12th grade do not need to take the baseline test (as long as they took it sometime during their 7th, 9th or 11th grade year. If not, they will need to have a test done).  The Athletic Department does not have access to the database, so we are not able to confirm when your child had his/her last baseline test.  Only our trainers have access to that information. You can reach our trainer, Tabitha Ryan, at There will be shuttle buses to transport students from MMS (Bus #9, Bus #49 or Bus #90) IMS (Bus #15), and CMS (Bus #47) directly after school to the senior high on ImPact testing dates. Students taking these shuttles will still need to arrange for transportation home from NASH at the conclusion of test. Please allow a minimum of 40 minutes for the completion of the test.  NOTE:  If your child has any special accommodations regarding learning in school, please contact the athletic office to determine if any accommodations need to be met with impact testing.

4.    Participation Fees are required prior to the start of tryouts for all Interscholastic and Club Sports!  The easiest and fastest way to pay this fee is on-line via the Family ID site by choosing the “Pay On-Line” tab at the end of the registration process with either a PayPal account or a credit card.  Please be sure to add your athlete to “My Cart” to finish the payment process.The 2nd way to pay a Participation Fee is to choose the “Pay Off-Line” tab at the end of the website and physically drop off a check to the Athletic Office (not to the student’s school office) prior to Friday, February 22.  The student will not show up on the coach’s alphabetical list of “approved” students to tryout until the Participation Fee is paid. The Family ID website also allows for financial hardships and for family caps.  Those participants should check the appropriate box when registering. You will complete the entire registration process, but your balance will be “$0.00”.  Family Cap – The cap is met by having paid for (3) $75 sports within the 2018-19 school year for Interscholastic Sports for a total of $255 OR (3) $25 sports within the 2018-19 school year for club sports. Club and Interscholastic sports are capped separately, not together. Also, summer recreation registrations are not included in the family cap.  
If you have any questions or problems with this site, please contact either the FamilyID support team, contact the North Allegheny Athletic Office at 724-934-7238 or e-mail Sara Ricci at

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact North Allegheny Sports Registration for further information.