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Ninjas in Nature Summer Workshops

Ninjas in Nature Summer Workshops
Ages 8 - 14
Week 1,  July 9, 10, & 11  9am – 4pm,  Instructors:  Ken Clarkson, Mark Roemke 
Week 2,  August 27, 28, 29  9:00am – 4pm,  Instructor; Tim Swanson

Join us for an action-packed adventure 3-day workshop as we combine skills of nature, awareness, high energy games, and introductory arts of the ancient ninja. We will meet at a local conservation area, where students will learn hands-on wildcrafting skills, practice fire by friction and shelter making, and develop the art of becoming invisible on a landscape through movement and earthen camouflage.  Students will also learn outdoor art-making skills, including woodworking, sculpture, and natural paint calligraphy. Students in week 1 will receive Level 1 Ninjas in Nature Certification and a rank T-shirt and certificate by Pathways Dojo.

Nature Ninja Workshop Activities -- Each workshop will feature a mix of the following:
4 core (Ninjas in Nature) NiN skills:

  • movement/ninjutsu skill- "ukemi" which teaches how to safely fall to the ground (forward and backward) in nature. 
  • stealth skill- "fox walking", which teaches how to move silently through a natural landscape
  • fire skill- fire by friction, cooking over a portable small campfire, basic fire safety, teaching about fuel materials (tinder, kindling, etc.)
  • awareness- "sit spot" activities- finding a quiet place in nature to sit and observe and be still, sensory skills such as peripheral vision (aka owl eyes)

Art- using or making natural dye and doing calligraphy (kanji's). Might also make charcoal by gathering will or grapevine and baking on coals of a fire then making artists pencils using elderberry shafts or bamboo. Then using these tools for calligraphy and sketching. Sculpture and 3D art using natural materials, including mud, rocks, sticks, and other found items. Each student will receive and keep a journal.

Navigation Skills: Reading maps, using a compass, and learning to read the forest for clues on direction, water, and signs of animals. Basic tree, plant, bird, and animal track identification.

Hands-on skills- basic whittling/wood carving including teaching knife safety (we have a knife certification that we have used in our programs that each student must complete- aka know by memory the 6 knife safety rules and demonstrate 1 on 1 proper wood carving technique).  Use these skills to make a spoon and/or bowl.

Games- Each of the above activities will be combined with high energy games (capture the flag, ninja tag) or challenges (blindfold awareness, scavenger hunt) to deepen the learned skills.

Full-Day: All day! 9am – 4:00pm.

Drop-off and pick-up at a conservation area to be announced. All students must bring backpack with water bottle(s), a NUT-FREE lunch, rain gear, and extra layer. Students required to bring their own sunscreen, insect/tick repellent. All students must dress for being outside all day, regardless of weather. We will move indoors in the event of severe weather (thunder/lightening).  

Tuition: Before / After June 1 or July 20 = $240 / $255

Household Sibling Discount: A tuition discount of 10% off each registration is available when two or more children are registered for the same week(s).



Week 1: July 9, 10, 11                 -  Registration Deadline: Sunday, July 1
Week 2: August 27, 28, and/or 29       -  Registration Deadline: Sunday, Wednesday, August 22.  Register per day. 


Week 1
Before June 1, 2018:  Full Day $240
On or After June 1, 2018:  Full Day $255

Week 2
Register per day, $85/day. 


Tuition, less a $25 registration fee, will be refunded if the request is made PRIOR to the registration deadline for the week for which the registration was intended to begin.

Tuition, less a $50 registration fee, and less the prorated cost of any days used in the week registered, will be refunded if the request is made ON or AFTER the registration deadline day for the week for which the registration was intended to begin. In the case of accident or illness, please contact the Umbrella office. We may be able to arrange a later start date.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact The Umbrella Community Arts Center for further information.