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Musselman High School 2019-20 Winter Athletics Registration

1. Provide opportunities to develop skill and to experience the satisfaction of performing effectively in emotionally charged situations.
2. Contribute to the development of a health and fitness attitude that will provide a carry-over interest which will function during leisure time.
3. Satisfy the physiological needs of the growing athlete.
4. Contribute to the development of a wholesome appreciation for a well-developed and properly conditioned body.
5. Contribute to the development of desirable social and citizenship qualities such as responsibility, respect for authority and property of others, harmonious and cooperative group action, and respect for individual differences.
6. Contribute to the relief of emotional strains and stresses.
7. Contribute to the satisfaction of certain psychological needs as self-understanding, self-expression, understanding of others, challenge, acceptance, recognition, and approval.
8. Contribute to the development of desirable character traits including persistence, determination, unselfishness, will-to-win, alertness, maximum effort, resourcefulness and tenacity.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Musselman High School Athletics for further information.