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MSMS 2019/2020 Fall Registration

Registration Deadline 09/22/2019


To enroll on a team the registration form must be completed and a hard-copy of the student's current physical must be submitted to the Athletic Office 2 weeks before the sport season. When a physical expires, a new physical must be submitted to the athletic office before the end of the 13th month or the student will become ineligible to participate


Parent and student–athlete must complete a free on-line educational concussion course which is required by law. The course is available through the National Federation of High School Sports. You will need to click the “order here" button and complete a brief information form. This course is available at:
You will be asked to check off on the Family ID that you and your child have completed this mandatory requirement annually. At the end of the course you will receive a completion certificate. We do not require a copy of the certificate.

In addition, the Burlington Public Schools offers an optional assessment tool called Impact Testing which is used to assist in return to play decisions. Impact Neuropsychological Baseline Test will only be offered to Football, Soccer, Cheerleading and Field Hockey.  Once teams are selected, students who agree to be baseline tested on the Family ID form will be contacted by email by the Athletic Trainer. Testing is done in the pre-season and requires about 30 minutes of time. This test is utilized as a tool to determine a baseline neuropsychological level. Should a head injury occur, the athlete would be re-tested and a comparison would be made to determine if the athlete has recovered to their baseline level. This is not a stand alone test and will be combined with other determining factors when making return to play decisions.

Boys Cross Country - September 01, 2019 to November 29, 2019
Girls Cross Country - September 01, 2019 to November 29, 2019
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