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Modified - Ellenville Fall 2020 Athletic Registration

Welcome to the Interscholastic Athletic Program of the Ellenville Central School District. The athletic program has been designed to enhance the overall student experience. Participation in athletics provides our student athletes with the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. The development of physical fitness, athletic skills, leadership, self-discipline, self-esteem, loyalty, cooperation, and self-motivation, sense of fair play, social attitudes and behaviors, along with developing friendships are promoted through participation in athletics. The objective of the Ellenville Central School District’s athletic program is to complement the objectives and policies of the school district to develop well-rounded individuals who are capable of taking their place in today’s society.

This handbook contains important information defining requirements, expectations, rules, and regulations for all students involved in our athletic programs. To promote a clear understanding of the Ellenville sport experience, each athlete and their parents are expected to thoroughly read the Athlete’s Handbook. After familiarizing himself/herself with its contents, the student athlete must sign and return the Athlete’s Pledge found on page 20.

Please feel free to call me at 647-0134 if you have any questions regarding our program or the Athlete’s Pledge. I look forward to working with you and supporting your participation this year.

Overview of Procedures & Documents

  1. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Each athlete must pass a physical examination within a
    12-month calendar year prior to participation in any sport. Examination records will be filed in the High School/Middle School Health office as well as the Athletic Office. If physical examination is being given by your own family physician please use form on pages 26 & 27.

  2. ATHLETE’S PLEDGE FORM: Each athlete and parent must sign and return the
    Athlete’s Pledge Form to the Director of Health, PE, and Athletics/Coach in order to
    compete on an athletic team. This form acknowledges that both the student and the parent have read and understand the Athletic Code of Conduct. This form will also be on file in the Athletic Office. See Page 20.

  3. PARENT/STUDENT/INSURANCE FORM: Each athlete and parent must sign and
    return this form to the Athletic Director/Coach in order to compete on any athletic team. Permission is granted by the parent(s)/guardian(s) to participate in the sport of their choice. Insurance information is also needed on this form. This form will be on file in the Athletic Office. See page 21.

  4. EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONSENT FORM: Each parent or guardian must sign
    and return this form to the athletic office in order to participate in the sport of his or her choice. This form grants necessary medical clearance and permission to duly licensed physicians in the case of injury to your son or daughter. This form will only be needed if the parent(s)/guardian(s) cannot be contacted. The coach must carry this document to all practices and scheduled contests. See page 22.

    this document out completely to prove (s) he is a bona fide resident of the Ellenville
    Central School District. This form will be on file in the Athletic Office. See Page 23.

  6. INTERVAL HEALTH HISTORY FOR SPORTS PARTICIPATION FORM: This form must be completed if the athlete had a physical more than one month prior to the first day of practice for the specific sport in which they are participating. This form will be on file in the Health Office and Athletic Office. See page 24-25.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Ellenville Central School District for further information.