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MMRHS Fall Festival Registration 2019

Registration Deadline 10/11/2019
Payment Deadline 10/11/2019

MMRHS believes that co-curricular activities are part of a broad educational program designed to support the development of young individuals through the pursuit of excellence.  All students are encouraged to join co-curricular activities that are of interest to them.  Students are encouraged, as well, to bring to the school new ideas and opportunities for co-curricular programming.

All students must meet participation expectations determined by the school and outlined in the MMRHS Student Handbook including:

  • all students involved in a co-curricular program that meets more than twice during any week of its season must meet the academic eligibility expectations outlined in the school’s athletic guidelines.  Student grades are reviewed each quarter.  For the Winter and Spring seasons, eligibility is determined by the review of the previous quarter grades.  Eligibility for the Fall season is determined by the closing year end grades from the previous year.  If a student is determined NOT eligible, they remain ineligible until the end of the next quarter when grades are again reviewed.

  • school attendance;

  • following of school rules and guidelines;

  • abstaining from the use of and/or possession of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs; and,

  • meeting attendance and participation expectations of each club or activity.

All club and activity advisors will meet with interested students at the start of the program to outline expectations and goals for the group.  

All MMRHS students are encouraged to try out for and/or participate in school clubs and activities.  However, not all students who wish to participate in a particular activity may be able to do so.  The size of the group may be necessarily limited by safety concerns, scope of the club, the size of the advising staff, facilities limitations, funding, and/or student ability in the given activity.  When it is deemed necessary by the advisor/director and the Principal to limit the number of students in the activity, cuts will be made on the basis of ability, skill development, performance readiness, and in accordance with guidelines made clear to all students and their families prior to the end of the first week of the activity.  Should cuts be made, students not selected will meet with the advisor/director and be given the rationale for the decision, given direction and recommendations that afford the student the opportunity to improve for future opportunities, and/or encouraged to consider another activity.

Shakespeare and Company - September 25, 2019 to November 25, 2019
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