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MLTI Laptop Information & Agreement 2019/20

Registration Deadline 09/30/2019

This agreement indicates acknowledgment that an MLTI laptop will be assigned to your son/daughter for the 2019-20 school year. Your son/daughter will be allowed to bring the laptop home in order to complete assignments unless you decline that option on this form. Use of the laptop in school and at home is governed by the Auburn School Department Student Computer and Internet Policy.

Insurance Information

The Auburn School Department has coordinated with Safeware Insurance to offer coverage for accidental damage to your son or daughter’s laptop.

The price for one full year of Safeware coverage is $36.23. To enroll, please see Mr. Lecompte in the tech office.

If paying the entire premium immediately is difficult, we are able to offer a payment plan for families unable to pay the entire insurance premium upfront. Please contact Sharon Pelletier,, or 784-6431 ext. 1021 to make arrangements. 

Parents who choose not to purchase laptop protection should be aware that they are responsible for any costs associated with loss, theft or damage to a laptop issued to their child. Laptop protection does not cover damage caused by gross negligence.

If you choose not to purchase this coverage you accept financial liability for any damage to the laptop not covered by the MLTI warranty. A replacement laptop in the event of total loss is $699.

What are the student expectations?

Students are expected to charge the laptop each night, bring it to school each day, and to treat it with respect. Students are also expected to be good digital citizens and abide by all district guidelines.

If a laptop is lost or stolen, this must be reported to building administrator immediately. If a laptop is stolen, a report should be made to the local police and building administrator immediately.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Auburn Middle School (ME, Maine) for further information.