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Milton High School Fall 2018 Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 09/15/2018
Payment Deadline 09/15/2018

In order to register for athletics, you must complete the following steps (PLEASE KEEP ALL COMPLETION CODES) ;

  1. Pay though UniPay here or pay by Check - this must be done before completing Family ID                                                  **For financial assistance, please speak to Athletic Director - (Unibank accepts Mastercard, Discover and electronic funds transfer. A fee of $10 will be applied to credit card/debit card payments between $200 - $399.99 or $17.95 for credit card/debit card payments between $400 - $699.99. **A FEE OF $.25 WILL BE APPLIED FOR PAYMENTS MADE BY ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER/ELECTRONIC CHECK.)
  2. Complete NFHS Concussion Course found here. (once per academic year)
  3. Sign up here on Family ID (directions found here)
  4. Obtain copy of updated physical (within 13 months) 
  5. Fill out Athletics Clearance Form found in the athletic office.
  6. Watch the Chemical Health Awareness Video, found here.
  7. Turn in updated physical to Athletic Office. Have Athletics Clearance Form signed by Athletic Director. 

Eligibility Requirements;

  • The  student must pass courses that carry a minimum of 30 hours credit per quarter (a full course load of seven periods with no more than one failing grade) to be academically eligible for sports/athletics. Academic eligibility for a specific season is based on the report card from the previous quarter, except for a fall sport, for which academic eligibility is based on the final report card from the previous school year. 
  • The student must pay the user fee, unless financial assistance is required.
  • The student must enter the UniPay Code and Concussion Code on the Athletic Clearance Form.
  • The student must submit a current copy of their physical (dated within 13 months) if necessary to the Athletic Office.

There are no longer "Clearance Cards". Students will not receive an index card to give to their coach.  Athletic Clearance Forms will be signed by the Athletic Director and then cleared students will be placed on a list visible by their coaches.

Key Dates

  • August 1st - Fall Registration Opens
  • Office Hours are as follows;
    • August 15th 9am-12pm 2-5pm
    • August 16th 9am-12pm 2-5pm
    • August 17th 9am-12pm
    • August 20th 9am-12pm 2-5pm
    • August 22nd 9am-12pm 2-5pm
  • August 17th - Football Tryouts Start
  • August 23rd - Tryouts begin for all other fall sports

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Milton Public Schools for further information.