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Martial Arts and Mandarin in Beijing, China Gap Year Programs

Embark on an exploration of China through the intensive study of martial arts and Mandarin Chinese.  Guided by experienced instructors, participants will quickly grasp the core foundations of the Mandarin language and learn to apply their skills outside of the classroom in the vibrant metropolis of Beijing, China.  Classes are taught exclusively in Mandarin using immersion methodology and inspire a lifelong interest in the world’s oldest continuous civilization.

Through Academic Explorers, participants gain exclusive access to personalized martial arts instruction led by renowned masters and past national champions.  In keeping with centuries-old training methods, students learn the cultural traditions that are essential to martial arts: Chinese philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Classes are combined with seminars and cultural excursions in and around Beijing.

Recognized for its physically and mentally rigorous curriculum, Academic Explorers offers unparalleled results.  Semester program participants who take full advantage of living in the host environment can achieve a listening comprehension and speaking proficiency level similar to that of one year or more of college language study.  

No previous knowledge of the Chinese language or martial arts is necessary to participate in our programs.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Academic Explorers, Ltd. for further information.