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Maple View Middle School 2019-2020 7th & 8th Grade Season 2 (Dance & Boys Basketball)

Registration Deadline 11/04/2019
Payment Deadline 11/17/2019

Welcome to the Maple View Middle School 2019 Season 2 Registration.

Important Reminders:

Physicals are good for two years.

Physicals must be valid for the entire season.

Insurance is required, if you do not have insurance there is the Student Accident Insurance Program offered through the Tahoma School District.

Injured athletes must be cleared by a physician and bring a completed “Return to Play” form to the athletic office. (Return to Play forms can be found on the Tahoma Athletic website.)

Forged documents will result in school & athletic consequences.

Participation Fee: All athletes must pay a participation fee of $50 for grades 7 & 8. The fee for a non-cut sport is due during the clearing process, for cut sports the fee is due when the roster is finalized.    We encourage you to use the E Funds program which allows families to use  credit and debit cards to pay the fee. Print the receipt to verify payment when getting cleared.

1. This fee does not waive the requirement for participating students to purchase an ASB card.

2. This fee does not guarantee a spot on an athletic team, playing time, or a letter award.

3. This fee, ideally due when students clear for athletics, must be paid prior to the first interscholastic competition.

Dance - November 04, 2019 to January 16, 2020
Boys Basketball - November 04, 2019 to January 16, 2020
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