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Mahar Regional Fall 2019 Registration

Registration Deadline 11/01/2019

Tryouts are open to all students, providing they are in good standing academically, are good citizens, and are physically fit to participate. Participation in the program is a privilege that students earn by maintaining these standards.

Student Eligibility:

a. Baseline Eligibility Requirement For a student to practice with, or to represent a MIAA member school in athletic
competition, the student must be duly enrolled in that school and meet all eligibility requirements. Additionally, the student must be a candidate for that school's diploma, subject to the jurisdiction of that school's principal (i.e. the principal must have the authority to suspend the student from classes), and under the supervision of that school principal (The principal must have control and knowledge of the student's daily attendance and achievement).

b. Physical Examinations/Medical Coverage All students must pass a physical examination within 13 months of each day of athletic participation. A sports physical terminates 396 days subsequent to administering and must be renewed immediately (should an athlete be "in season") to maintain eligibility. Physical examinations must be performed by a duly registered Physician, Physicians' Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.

The Athletic Department will schedule, through the nurse's office, physical exams for our athletes in June and September. It is the athlete's responsibility to have all proper paperwork in to the nurse before he/she can be examined.

c. Concussion Policy Parents and students must sign the concussion acknowledgement form - - All students must complete the IMPACT Test Baseline Testing to be eligible to participate.

The Baseline test is valid for two years. It is recommended that parents take the concussion test at -nfhs/

d. Transfer and Foreign Exchange Students Transfer and foreign exchange students must consider themselves "ineligible" to participate in an interscholastic athletic contest at any level until they have checked with the Athletic Director and Principal. There are many exceptions and waivers that can be filed upon request.

e. Academic Requirements and Mahar Regulations A student must secure during the last marking period preceding the contest (second quarter marks and not semester grades determine third quarter eligibility) a passing grade in the equivalent of four traditional yearlong major English courses.

• To be eligible for the fall marking period, students are required to have passed for the previous academic year all courses with a grade of 60 or above.

• Academic eligibility of all students shall be considered as official and determining only on the published date when the report cards for that marking period are to be issued to the parents of all students within a particular class.

• Incomplete grades may not be counted toward eligibility. Students whose work is evaluated as incomplete at the close of quarter by a subject teacher will be given ten (10) school days from the close of the quarter to make up all work owed. In unusual circumstances, such as after a prolonged illness, the teacher may extend the ten day limit, subject to the approval of the department coordinator.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Ralph C Mahar Regional School for further information.