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Katonah-Lewisboro Kindergarten Registration 2020-2021

May 5, 2020

Welcome to the Katonah-Lewisboro School District. 

Historically, all registrations are completed in person and by appointment only. However, in light of current events, families looking to register their children for KINDERGARTEN ONLY will be able to submit their registration paperwork and documentation online until schools reopen.

Please use the Family ID Step-by-Step Guide as a reference as you complete the registration process.

Please complete all the required fields, and provide all of the documents (listed below) including your child’s original birth certificate and three (3) residency documents.  Additionally, please submit a copy of your child’s most recent physical and immunization form.  The documents for their five year visit are preferable. If you are not able to access these documents currently, the most recent physical may be submitted until your child is able to be seen by his/her pediatrician.

Please have all of your documentation ready as we will not be accepting partial registration paperwork. Please complete and submit the registration for your child as soon as it is convenient, but no later than Friday, May 29th.

Please submit all documentation in PDF format.  Photographs of documents will not be accepted as they are often illegible.  If you do not have access to a scanner at home, there are apps for smartphones that allow you to take pictures of your documents and convert them to PDF.  As a last resort, if necessary, you may be able to send copies of your documents via USPS mail; however, unless you send it by a traceable method we may not be able to confirm receipt and it may slow down the registration process.

Please note that although we are accepting kindergarten registrations in this manner at this time, you will still be required to make an appointment with the Registrar’s Office once schools reopen with your original documents for review.

Please note that registrations are not considered complete until all required documentation has been received and an in person meeting is held. More information will follow as it becomes available.

If you are not registering your age-eligible child for kindergarten for the 2020-21 school year, please send an e-mail to the registrar advising of such.

Registration for new students entering grades 1-12 in 2020-21 will begin on June 1. Please refer to the KLSD Registration page for additional updates.

Once school has re-opened, new student registration will return to an in-person process.

The required documents are as follows:

1. Documentation  of  age  ‐  In  order  to  determine,  for  instance,  the  programming  needs  of  your child/children, you will need to provide proof of age by providing one of the following:

a. An original or certified transcript of a birth certificate or record of baptism (including an original or certified transcript of  a foreign birth certificate or record of baptism) giving the date of birth;


b. passport (including foreign passport) giving the date of birth

Where the above are not available, the School District may consider certain other documents/records in existence  two years  or more  to  determine age.  One  or more  of  these  documents may  be  necessary. 

The documents are the following:

  • Official driver’s license
  • State or other government issued identification
  • School photo identification with date of birth
  • Consulate identification card
  • Hospital or health records
  • Military dependent identification card
  • Documents issued by  federal, state or local agencies  (for instance, local social services agency, federal Office of Refugee Resettlement)
  • Court orders or other court‐issued documents
  • Native American trial document
  • Records from non‐profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies
  • Note: The School District may need to verify these documents/record

2. Proof of Residency.  According to NY State Law, In order to register your child/children in the  School  District,  you  must  be  physically  domiciled  at  your  address  within  the  School  District’s geographic boundaries.

You should provide at least one item from Section A and two items from Section B, listed below; if you cannot provide an item from Section A, you will need to provide three items from Section B.

        Section A 
        1) Copy of a residential lease or proof of ownership of a 
        house or condominium, such as a deed or mortgage 
        2)a statement by a third‐party landlord, owner or 
        tenant from whom the parent(s) or person(s) in 
        parental relation leases or with whom they share 
        property within the district (Attached Property 
        Owner/Landlord Statement) 
        3) such other statement by a third‐party establishing  
        parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation physical 
        presence in the School District (Attached Third Party 
        Residency Statement) 
        4) other forms of documentation and/or information 
        establishing  parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation 
        physical presence in the School District.  For instance: 
        current property tax bill, current homeowner’s/renter’s 
        insurance policy statement, see also list from Section B 
        Note:  The Katonah‐Lewisboro School District reserves 
        the right to contact any individual who provides a 
        statement attesting to the physical presence in the 
        School District of the parent(s) or person(s) in parental 
        relation to the student requesting enrollment. 

        Section B
        1) pay stub 
        2) income tax form(s) 
        3) current utility bill or other bills (e.g., power 
        company, cable, etc.). 
        4) membership documents that are based upon 
        5) voter registration document(s) 
        6) official driver’s license, learner’s permit or non‐
        driver identification 
        7) documents issued by federal, state or local 
        agencies (for instance, local social services 
        agency, federal Office of Refugee Resettlement) 
        8) evidence of custody of the child/children, 
        including, but not limited to judicial custody 
        orders or guardianship papers  
        9) Other forms of documentation and/or 
        information establishing parent(s) or person(s) in 
        parental relation physical presence in the School 

        Also required:

        • NYS Health Examination Form
        • Home Language Questionnaire

        You may save your work and return later to "Submit", if needed.

        If you are unsure as to which school your student will be attending, have any questions regarding the fulfillment of the District’s residency requirements or are homeless, or have any other questions, please contact the District Registrar, Erin McMahon, at

        If you need assistance with the software, please contact FamilyID at or 1-781-205-2800 x1.Support is available 7 days per week and messages will be returned promptly. The FamilyID privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy

        If you would prefer not to participate in Family ID, please download the forms from the KLSD Registration page and mail copies of the documents via USPS mail. Please send by a traceable method, or we may not be able to confirm receipt and it may slow down the registration process.

        Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Katonah-Lewisboro School District for further information.