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JV/Varsity Spring Sports 2019-2020 Athletics Registration

Hello! Welcome to the new Kendall Athletic Department's registration process. 

Junior Varsity Sports
There will continue to be an emphasis to teach and expand on the educational goals of the Kendall Central School Interscholastic Sports Program. While developing a winning philosophy, the emphasis is on teaching the student athlete how to win and lose properly. Each individual will be given the opportunity to play during the season at the discretion of the coach. It is to be understood that playing time is not equal at the Junior Varsity level. 

Varsity Sports
Understanding and application of the educational goals of the Kendall Central School Interscholastic Sports Program is expected at the Varsity level. Varsity teams play to win the contest, but participants should accept the fact that important lessons are to be learned from losing. It is recognized that all student-athletes may not participate in every contest. The amount of playing time will be at the coach’s discretion. Achievement of the team’s goals is dependent on every student-athlete’s commitment to the team and the understanding of their role on the team.

All the paperwork required for sports registration is now online. When you register your child for the desired sport, you will need to review the policies and then sign the agreement. It is expected that you and your child will review the policies and electronically sign the agreements afterwards. 

Once you have submitted everything required to participate, your child will then need to be approved by the athletic director and high school nurse before they are eligible to participate. Your child is not allowed to practice until they have been approved. 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Kendall CSD Athletics for further information.