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Junior High Athletics

Registration Deadline 03/20/2021

McDonald County School District offers a variety of junior high athletics/activities. Please select which sport you wish to register for below to begin the registration process. Important requirements for registration:

  • Participant's contact info, including emergency contact and parent/guardian contact info
  • Participant's medical information
  • Uploaded file of participant's most recent physical examination (picture can be taken by phone or tablet)

*Parents are financially responsible for providing medical insurance or paying for their children's medical expenses. However, as a public service, the school district purchases a student accident insurance policy through KidGuard that may help families pay for some of the medical expenses incurred by students due to school related accidents that may occur during interscholastic sports and other specified activities that are sanctioned by the Missouri State High School Activities Association. If you do not currently have medical insurance, please check the "KidGuard" box in the insurance section.

JH FOOTBALL - August 17, 2020 to October 29, 2020
JH CHEERLEADING - August 17, 2020 to February 20, 2021
JH CROSS COUNTRY - August 17, 2020 to October 29, 2020
JH VOLLEYBALL - August 17, 2020 to October 29, 2020
JH GIRLS BASKETBALL - October 12, 2020 to December 18, 2020
JH BOYS BASKETBALL - December 03, 2020 to February 19, 2021
JH BOYS/GIRLS WRESTLING - October 12, 2020 to December 18, 2020
JH BASEBALL - February 22, 2021 to May 08, 2021
JH TRACK & FIELD - March 01, 2021 to May 01, 2021
JH SOFTBALL - March 01, 2021 to May 08, 2021
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