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iPad 1:1 Agreement 2021-2022

Registration Deadline 09/30/2021

Parents must complete this iPad Agreement for each child.

What families are eligible to take home a device?

All students grades K through 12. 

What are iPads?

An iPad is a tablet that functions much like a smart phone, but with laptop capabilities. They are built to start quickly and have a long battery life. They store all resources and files on the web (cloud based) and integrate with Apple Apps.

Why are we giving iPads to students?

Having a personal device can help make education more student-centered by putting the resources of the Web in the hands of our students and allowing access to files anywhere, any time. They extend learning beyond the classroom walls; foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation; embrace the uniqueness of each individual by allowing varied approaches to demonstrate learning; and motivate students to become active learners. 

What are student/parent expectations?

  1. My student and I acknowledge that violations of the guidelines could result in the student facing disciplinary action.
  2. Students are expected to treat the iPad with respect, keep it in good working condition, and use it for school related learning activities.
  3. Students are expected to bring their iPads to school each day, fully charged.
  4. My student and I agree to immediately return the mobile electronic device and peripherals in good working condition upon the request or prior to withdrawal from the school district.
  5. My student and I assume full responsibility of the issued mobile electronic device at all times.
  6. My student and I could be responsible for the mobile electronic device repair or replacement costs.
  7. My student and I understand that we must report all damages or the theft/loss of the mobile electronic device to the school within one school day.
  8. I will be responsible for monitoring my student's use of the device when he/she is not at school.

By completing this document, the parent/guardian agrees to the above terms and has reviewed this agreement with the student.

What happens if the child forgets his/her iPad or home or the device has not been charged?

The student should report to his/her building office.  A limited number of loaner iPads will be available in each office. The student must return the loaned iPad to the office at the end of the day. If the behavior persists, iPad privileges will be revoked as recommended by the building principal. 

What if my child loses or damages his/her charger?

Students will be issued one charger.  If a student damages or loses his/her charger, the family is reponsible for purchasing a new charger. 

Is the iPad monitored in any way?

All iPads are managed through our iPad software system. If an iPad is lost or stolen, the District can lock down and track the device. Students will not have the ability to add or delete apps on the iPad.

What happens if the iPad breaks or is stolen?

A student should report all problems/issues to his/her building office.  Students and parents could be responsible for the replacement or repair costs of the device. 

IPad 1:1 Agreement 2021-2022 - August 16, 2021 to September 30, 2021
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