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High School Fall Athletic Registration 2020-2021

Registration Deadline 08/05/2020

Once your FamilyID account is active, you can register your student athlete to complete the clearance process.

  1. Fill out all fields on the registration form. Those marked with a red* are required to have an answer.
  2. For your first sport season of this school year, you will need to turn in a doctor completed Section 6 of PIAA physical form to the athletic trainers.  This form will only need to be completed once for the entire school year. The PIAA Section 6 can be found under "Forms/Info" at
  3. If you sustained an injury that required you to be seen by a Doctor after you have had a physical, you will need to turn in a completed Section 8 Doctor Re-certification Form to the athletic trainers. The PIAA Section 8 Doctor Re-certification Form can be found under "Forms/Info" at
  4. Work down the rest of the registration form and click Continue when your form is complete.
  5. Review your registration summary.
  6. The Athletic Department will be checking the Family ID platform leading up to the start date and approving athletes during this time. An athlete will be approved when the registration is complete and we have the Section 6 Physical (or section 8 if needed).  You only need to turn in one section 6 for the school year, which will be good for all 3 sport seasons.  You may have to do a section 8 Doctor Re-certification Form at some point, though, if you saw a doctor for an injury after the physical occured.
  7. Information about your Doctor’s PIAA Physical Section 6 Form:
  • Every athlete will still be required to have a doctor’s physical, which needs to take place ON OR AFTER June 1, 2020. Physicals dated before June 1, 2020 will not be valid.
  • The doctor performing your physical will need to fill out a hard copy of Section 6 of the PIAA physical paperwork. You will need to print this form and bring it to the doctor on the date of your physical so that he/she can sign & date the form once the physical is complete (before leaving the doctors - Please check that the entire bottom of your form is completed by the physicians office).  Once complete and signed, this is what you will turn in to the athletic trainers at the high school. 
  • Important: Only the official PIAA Section 6 form will be accepted for registration, no other physical form will be accepted or approved.
  • If "other medical recommendations" are listed on the physical by examining physician,  please have them completed & include a doctor's clearance for that recommended evaluation/treatment.   
  • There will be an additional tabs to upload any other document that may be needed (I.e care forms for asthma, diabetes, conditions). 

After June 1, 2020 Physicals may be turned into the Athletic office.  You may turn it in directly to Athletic Director Randy Cuthbert in the athletic office, OR you may mail it to the athletic office using the following address:   

Owen J Roberts Athletic Department                                                                  Attention Randy Cuthbert                                                                                            981 Ridge Road, Pottstown PA 19465



HS Cheerleading - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Cross Country - Boys - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Cross Country - Girls - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Field Hockey - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Football - August 10, 2020 to November 28, 2020
HS Golf - Coed - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Soccer - Girls - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Soccer - Boys - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Tennis - Girls - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
HS Volleyball - Girls - August 17, 2020 to November 07, 2020
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