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Healdsburg Junior High School Adult Volunteer Driver Certification Registration

Welcome to the Healdsburg Junior High School Adult Volunteer Driver Certification Registration.

For use by Adult Volunteer Drivers.

To be filed at least once a year by any individual transporting students either in their own vehicle or when driving a district owned vehicle. All field trips begin and end at school.

The Healdsburg Unified School District acknowledges the needed assistance by responsible volunteer drivers in order to provide transportation for numerous activities that take place within the school system that other wise would not exist without support. We sincerely appreciate your contribution. In order to provide the best assurance to both the volunteer driver and the school district, the following information is gathered and agreements are made with the volunteer by signing at the bottom of the page.

In accordance with AR 6153, Teachers and Chaperones shall not consume alcohol, smoke or use controlled substances while accompanying students on a trip.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Healdsburg Junior High School for further information.