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Grants Pass High School 2019-20 Equestrian

Registration Deadline 11/01/2019
Payment Deadline 12/04/2019


All students participating in Athletics for Winter 2019-20 are required to be signed up on Family ID prior to the first day of practice. Our school policy is to have all emergency contact, medical consent and proof of insurance on file prior to participation. Students who are not registered may not participate until it's completed. This is a required for the saftey of our student athletes.

Students will need a new physical for their 9th and 11th grade years or if they have not participated in a sport before (form can be found and printed at click on Physical Exam Form found in 'Link' section). 

All physical exams need to be done prior to the sports season and not before May 1st of the previous year

**Unpaid Fees: If you owe past participation fees, those will need to paid before participating in another sport. For questions please call Jen Stevens in the Athletic Office.

**Payment: If you are trying out for a cut sport, please do not pay the participation fee until after final cuts have been made. You can still complete the registration process by selecting the "cash or check" option at the payment section of the the registration and submit. Once final cuts are made, payment is due prior to the first contest. 

**REFUND POLICY: Grants Pass High school will issue a refund of the participation fees only when an athlete does not make a team after final try outs. No refunds will be given for athletes who quit a sport or for injuries. Refunds will only be  issued at the discretion of the Athletic Director at Grants Pass High. 

Contact Us
  • Clay Rounsaville
    Athletic Director
  • Jen Stevens
    Athletic Secretary

GPHS 2019-20 Equestrian - November 01, 2019 to May 01, 2020
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