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Granby Public Schools Facilities Rental Application

Granby Public Schools-Building Use Application

The undersigned request(s) use of school facilities, as indicated above. We (I)

the understand the following:

(1) This application is subject to utility/custodial fees,depending upon time and date of use.

(2) Custodians are responsible for the buildings; in emergencies their instructions must be followed. Custodians will not permit use of facilities or equipment without proper authorization.

(3) The only areas to be used are those stated in the application.

(4) The group is responsible for general clean up; the facilities should be left as they were found. 

(5) The issuance of this permit does not obligate the Granby Public Schools to provide any insurance coverage whatsoever. It is the obligation of the renter to provide any and all coverage’s to protect his/her own interests.

(6) The group must receive prior approval before bringing other groups into the building, i.e. local organizations bringing a performance group or fund raising group into the building.

(7) No food or drinks allowed in gymnasium at either the elementary school or highschool, library, or classroom.

(8) All activities and organizations must be accompanied by an adult.

(9) Mass. General Law prohibits the use of alcohol/tobacco products in or on any area of school grounds.

*Excludes the use of the kitchen and/or kitchen equipment without prior written permission granted through the Superintendent’s office.

Note: The School Department reserves the right to reschedule any area for school activities up until two weeks prior to the use by outside organizations. 

Out of Town Non-Profit Organization - July 01, 2019 to July 01, 2021
Granby Non-Profit Organization - July 01, 2019 to July 01, 2021
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