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Friends of Milton Crew Spring 2018 MASTERS Registration

Registration Deadline 05/11/2018
Payment Deadline 06/25/2018

Please carefully READ and COMPLETE the following. Failure to do so may put your participation in the program and racing in any regattas at risk.

Please note all registration forms must be completed by May 7, 2018. Thanks for your cooperation. These items are required to ensure safety and be in compliance with governing associations.

The season starts on May 7th and finishes June 25th. 

Please review the following important information.

Cancellation of practice

We practice in all weather except active lightning storms or other extreme conditions. Because our weather changes rapidly, rowers should assume practice will be held regardless of the weather and dress appropriately, unless they are told by a member of the coaching staff that practice has been cancelled.

Registration limits

Team size may be limited by our equipment and coaching resources, and safety consideration.

The first two weeks of practice in each season will serve as a try-out period. Any participant who is unable to continue in the program due to these restrictions after the try-out period will be refunded.

Evaluation criteria include, among other things, a positive attitude, full participation in workouts, and the ability to pick up the fundamentals of the rowing stroke. 

The participation fee is $375. Our fees cover only our operating costs including coaches’ salaries, regatta fees, gas for coaches’ launches, and local travel expenses.


Refunds will be given within the first two weeks due to injury, membership limits, or if a student decides the sport is not for him/her.

As a 501 (3) © organization, your contribution to Friends of Milton Crew is tax-deductible. Questions or curious about how you can help? Contact Mary Beth Callahan at

Spring 2018 Crew - May 7, 2018 to June 25, 2018
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